Redesigning a website from the ground up

UX Design
Responsive Web Design
Design System
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Centric Software

Kathryn LaPann
UX Consultant
Mike Gilbert
Digital Product Manager
Jodene Adjei
Digital Content Specialist
Richard Thresh
Engineering Manager
Improve the end-to-end customer experience to reduce uncertainty and increase conversions.
Modernize and elevate the visual design of the site to appeal to the luxury B2B customer base.
Develop a comprehensive design system to support a cohesive experience across platforms and simplify the design process.
My Role
Worked closely with the digital product manager to develop a new site architecture and systematically design each page from scratch. I personally developed and documented the new vision for the brand, and implemented it across 50+ pages in 17 languages.

Pain Points

1. No Site Architecture
The existing site was build one page at a time with no plan of action, resulting in a huge site that was difficult to navigate.
2. Poor Web Accessibility
The visual design of the site was outdated, and did not adhere to current accessibility guidelines.
3. Lack of Design Consistency
Without a design system in place, each page was completely different from the last, making the site more laborious to code and difficult for users to navigate.
Hi-Fi Iteration
Final Designs
Icon Set
Design System


Increased volume of qualified leads due to improved site architecture, page layout and content.
All updated pages now meet WCAG accessibility standards.
Comprehensive style guide reduced time to market, resulting in a more agile design & testing strategy.