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Kathryn LaPann
Senior Product Designer
Eva Sanchez
Lead Product Designer
Sai Santosh
Product Manager
Empower the pricing team to create and test custom pricing treatments through the internal tool, Lighthouse.
Grow revenue with data backed pricing treatments that increase customer retention.
My Role
Designed complex technical enhancements to the internal pricing tool, Lighthouse, that would give the pricing the team autonomy to iteratively test a variety of pricing treatments across different customer segments. Worked closely with project lead, Eva Sanchez, and product manager, Sai Santosh, to document, wireframe, and prototype product enhancements.

Pain Points

1. No Autonomy
Lighthouse does not have the ability to set custom price treatments without the aid of Engineers.
2. Long wait times
Based on engineering team’s workload, it could take weeks if not months to test new pricing treatments.
3. Limited capabilities
The software did not allow for the ability to test multiple pricing treatments across cohorts at the same time, taking even more time to test each treatment individually.


Treatment Buckets
The addition of treatment buckets is new functionality for the Lighthouse internal tool. Previously, members of the pricing team had limited capability to set new treatments with the help of the engineering team.
Solution: Design an enhancement to allow the pricing team to set their own pricing treatments.
Test Treatments
For phase 1 of this enhancement, Lighthouse users would need a way to manually validate that their pricing treatments would be a profitable margin.
Solution: Designed a modal to compare current contract price with new contract price to calculate and validate the projected revenue.
Customize Pricing Buckets
Customers priced between the values set for each bucket would determine their new rate moving forward.
Solution: Use an accordion to display pricing buckets at a glance, as well as expanded to view and edit the details of each pricing bucket.
Add an Array
For more complex treatments, users can create up to three levels of an array by setting a MAX or MIN value.
Solution: Use color coding, and alignment to help visually distinguish the levels of an array.

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Reduced customer attrition due to increased understanding of market values and pricing contracts.
Empowered internal teams to quickly and easily test and adjust pricing treatments for existing customers.
Updated visual design of Lighthouse improves the usability of the platform, reducing time to complete tasks and company costs.