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The client required a custom design solution that would empower users to pay down and manage their loans on the go. With their brand in flux and a new website being designed simultaneously, the client required a strong ADA Compliant style guide to align the future of their brand.


Two concepts were developed to explore the way color can intuitively impact a user experience.

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Intuitive Concept

Colors and shapes are combined to create recognizable visual cues that alert users to the status of their account quickly.

Top Navigation Concept

Guide users through desired paths with the use of suggesting sub navigation and a progressional color palette.

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High Fidelity Designs

I worked closely with the product manager to finalize product requirements and flesh out 100+ screens to bring a fully functional product to market.

Global Elements

A library of atomic styles and symbols was developed for brand consistency and improved usability. The client now has the ability to make quick changes to the style guide that will be reflected throughout the design.

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